Akfix ThermCoat Insulation & Acoustic Foam: A New Innovation in Building Insulation

by Sep 30, 2022Akfix

As innovation in building insulation, Akfix ThermCoat is a masterpiece every renovation needs. The primary goals of building insulation are home comfort and energy management. It is an investment in your home that you cannot afford to overlook. It promotes a healthy indoor environment and protects against structural damage.

Akfix ThermCoat Insulation & Acoustic FoamWhile insulation is required to maintain a healthy building structure, selecting a suitable thermal insulation material is critical. Numerous insulation products are available on the market, but Akfix ThermCoat Insulation and Acoustic Foam is an excellent alternative to traditional insulation methods. Choosing ThermCoat, a dependable insulation product, will assist you in achieving:

  • A comfortable thermal environment
  • Prevention of structural damage due to excess moisture in the building
  • Reduction of heat exchange

What Is Akfix ThermCoat Insulation & Acoustic Foam?

Akfix ThermCoat insulation & acoustic foam is a polyurethane foam used in building and home renovation projects for high-quality sound and heat insulation. It’s a one-component product applied with an applicator.

Akfix is also dependable super-powerful insulation that can produce up to 32 square feet with a thickness of 1″ per layer when applied from a distance of 40 cm at normal application speed. The propellant in Akfix ThermCoat insulation sprays the product to surfaces via the application gun.

How Does Akfix ThermCoat PU Spray Foam Work?

Akfix ThermCoat is a spray polyurethane foam (SPF), which is a spray-applied cellular plastic-producing foam that insulates, seals, and acts as a moisture barrier. On walls, around corners, and on contoured surfaces, Akfix ThermCoat polyurethane forms a continuous barrier. It is a good choice for reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints.

Where Can Polyurethane Spray Foam Be Applied?

Spray polyurethane foam can be used in many construction applications. Akfix ThermCoat PU foam can be easily applied to uneven, nearly impossible-to-reach surfaces where traditional insulation materials are ineffective.

If you’re wondering how to use Akfix ThermCoat, consider spraying the polyurethane foam on the following surfaces:

  • Roofs, building facades, attics, foundation walls, floors, basements, interior walls, interior partitions, cellars, and ceilings.
  • Building structural elements, such as balconies, window slopes, doors, canals, pipes, and tanks, which have round, rough, and uneven surfaces
  • Vehicle bodies, container carriers, boats, car trailers, vessels, yachts, and other sea vehicles of similar nature.

Benefits of Using the ThermCoat Insulation and Acoustic Foam in Building Insulation Projects

The benefits of Akfix ThermCoat thermal insulation are limitless. Here are a few advantages of using ThermCoat thermal and acoustic insulation PU foam in your next building insulation project.

  • Noise reduction
  • Outdoor pest repellent
  • Humidity reduction
  • Inexpensive and efficient
  • Protection of the structure by creating a comfortable indoor environment.

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