How to Make Jesmonite Terrazzo Coasters

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Do you enjoy making art or getting crafty with your hands? You could do several things, from painting to moulding and even sculpting. If you’ve been thinking of trying out something new, then the Jesmonite coaster set is for you. Read on to learn how to make your Jesmonite terrazzo coaster.

Make Your Jesmonite Terrazzo Coasters Easily at Home

Jesmonite is a composite material, a fusion of different materials held together by a binding substance. It is very popular for making different types of art like jewellery, trays, and lots more.

Terrazzo art usually refers to using chips from different materials like glass, marble, stone, and other materials, which are usually suspended in a binding medium (in this case Jesmonite) to create art. Terrazzo is widely used in making floor tiles as well as different types of artwork.

Things You’ll Need

The materials you’ll need to make your Jesmonite terrazzo coaster include:

Make Some Preparations

To begin making your Jesmonite terrazzo coaster:

  • Start by covering your work surface with a plastic sheet or baking paper. Ensure that you have enough plastic sheets or baking paper for the number of terrazzo chips you plan to make.
  • Lay out everything you need for the project and ensure that they are within reach of your workspace
  • Using the weighing scale, measure the Jesmonite AC100 base and liquid for the project. Consider how many terrazzo chips you’ll like to make from the batch when measuring. However, starting with small quantities, like 100 grams, is best for your first attempt. You can start making larger batches when you get the hang of it.

Steps for Making Terrazzo Chips

The next step in making your Jesmonite terrazzo coasters is to make the terrazzo chips:

  • Mix the Jesmonite AC100 base and liquid to form a smooth paste. Don’t forget that the ratio of base to liquid is 2.5 to 1. Stir the paste for a few minutes to ensure it is devoid of lumps before moving on to the next step.
  • The beauty of terrazzo pieces is the arrangement of different colours in a piece of art. To create the different colours, you must add pigments to the paste. You could measure 2% of the total weight of the paste but feel free to add in more pigment until you get the vibrancy you want.
  • You can make different chip colours if you like, but it’s best to make them one colour at a time and clean your mixing cup properly before starting a new colour.
  • Stir the pigment into the paste properly until it is properly combined. There’s no need to rush this step. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture before moving on to the next step. You should get the consistency of double cream after stirring your mixture properly.
  • Pour the properly mixed paste onto your plastic sheet or baking paper and spread the paste evenly with your mixing stick. You don’t need to spread it out too thick; about 1 cm thickness is okay to make it easier to break.
  • Allow it to sit for about 50 minutes to 1 hour, and it will be ready for you to break into chips. Fold the plastic sheet or baking paper several times to break the terrazzo into smaller pieces, then crunch it up with your hand until you get smaller pieces. You should have a variety of shapes and sizes when you’re done.

Finishing Your Creation

  • Mix your Jesmonite liquid and base in the correct ratio and add a colour pigment of your choice. Mix properly to get rid of lumps and air bubbles.
  • Add your terrazzo chips to the mixture. It is advised to add only about 25% of the total weight of the mixture, but you can add more or less to suit your preference. Once the chips are mixed in, pour the mixture into a mould. Make sure to tap the mould as you pour in the mixture to eliminate any air bubbles and prevent the chips from settling at the bottom
  • Allow the mixture to set in the mould for about 20-30 minutes before taking the coasters out of the mould. Place the coaters on top of the mould and allow them to be set properly with the help of better air circulation.
  • After proper setting, your Jesmonite terrazzo coaster is ready, but there’s one more step to make the terrazzo pattern visible: sanding. Use the sandpaper to sand off the surface of your Jesmonite coaster to reveal the terrazzo pattern, and your coaster is ready.

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