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SSG Brands is a highly committed supplier that is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions. Are you a decor manufacturer, DIY crafter, or furniture manufacturer searching for the ideal product for your commercial or residential project? Jesmonite is often used as an eco-friendly alternative to plaster, concrete, or fiberglass.

As a distributor of Jesmonite in Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico, with options to ship worldwide, SSG Brands has the best product for your needs.

About Jesmonite

SSG Brands offers a wide range of Jesmonite materials for DIY crafters, furniture makers, décor manufacturers and more.. in Canada and the USA. Jesmonite’s two-part kit (a liquid and powder base) can create an array of colours, textures, and finishes for your finished products. Jesmonite is a beauty and creative pack that can be used to brighten up your office, home, and garden.

Using the Jesmonite materials, you can create unique and amazing bespoke products like fashionable tableware, furniture, decorative plant pots, organizational trays, and many more.

Jesmonite materials are produced to suit any environment considering they are water-based. They employ ingredients purchased through local supply channels to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon impact to satisfy your decorative needs.

Our Product Categories

At SSG Brands, we have a wide product range, including:

We also carry an array of additives and ancillary products.


We offer Jesmonite additives designed to add excellent chemical stability to adjust the mixture viscosity to the user’s preference. For example, Jesmonite pigments are aqueous dispersions compatible with Jesmonite composites.

When dispersed in Jesmonite materials they offer excellent chemical stability and heat stability. Learn how to combine these additives with our various Jesmonite materials to give you the desired look you need.

Ancillary Products

There are ancillary products specially produced to aid and enhance the use of any Jesmonite material you get ranging from mixing to application.

FAQs about Jesmonite

How can you use Jesmonite?

To bond cured Jesmonite materials, you must study adhesives based on either epoxy alternative or polyurethane. Most customers believe the two-pack epoxy alternative is more durable than a one-part adhesives.

Is Jesmonite food safe?

Jesmonite materials are non-solvent and contain no VOCs; nonetheless, we have not evaluated any Jesmonite product for food safety. You can use Jesmonite material solutions for decorative dinnerware, but we do not recommend placing food or beverages on finished Jesmonite goods.

Which markets are Jesmonite products used for?

Jesmonite products are used in various decorative markets, such as craft, tableware, artwork, sculpture, lighting, furniture, marine vessels, film sets, architectural elements, and cladding panels.

How do I mix Jesmonite materials?

Jesmonite comes in a two-pack kit with a reactive mineral foundation and a water-based acrylic liquid. For mixing, use a Jesmonite high shear mixing blade. Then add Jesmonite base to Jesmonite liquids. Mixing eliminates air bubbles and smooths out lumps.

At SSG Brands, we operate as one of Jesmonite’s official distributors in the U.S. and Canada. Shop online or contact us to discover a dealer in your area.