TC 930

ThermCoat Insulation & Acoustic Foam

A PU Foam for top quality heat and sound insulation at buildings and houses. Provides a unique, monolithic thermal insulation application without junctures, seams and gaps. An innovative alternative to traditional building insulation methods such as polystyrene heat insulation boards, glass wool and rock wool. Single-component product used with an applicator gun. It does not contain any propellant gases which are harmful to the ozone layer.


  • Excellent adhesion to all kind of building materials,
  • Can be applied easily to uneven, hard to reach surfaces where it is not possible to use traditional insulation materials,
  • Excellent thermal insulation value (0.025 W/(m.K),
  • Elimination of thermal bridges,
  • Elimination of the dew point,
  • Yield up to 3m² with 1.5cm thickness for one layer if applied from a distance of ~40cm with normal application speed,
  • No need to use mechanical fastening elements after use,
  • Over paintable

Application Areas

  • Roofs, attics, facades, foundations, basements, floors, interior walls, inter-floor overlappings, interior partitions, ceilings and cellars,
  • Structural elements of buildings, balcony, loggia, doors, window slopes, pipes, canals and tank kind round surfaces, uneven and rough all surfaces,
  • Car body and car trailers, boats, yachts, vessels and all kind of sea vehicles.