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If you need high-performance, cost-effective, user-friendly, and high-quality flooring solutions to install and maintain your wooden floors, look no further! At SSG Brands, we provide a variety of durable products that meets our customers’ needs, specifically Tover oils, flooring adhesives, and maintenance products. We are a North American Tover distributor and you can trust us to deliver the most seamless service.

About Tover

At SSG Brands, we offer a wide range of Tover products for the installation, care, and maintenance for almost any woodworking project. The decking and WPC solutions are designed to provide permanent protection and are highly resistant to UV radiation and environmental pollutants.

Using a variety of restoration, cleaning, and maintenance supplies, you rest assured that you’ll have a clean, sophisticated, and cozy home at a budget-friendly price. Tover natural oil has high-performance, superior peeling power, and user-friendly protection products and the oils are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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SSG Brands is always evolving and looking for the latest and greatest products and brands. Since we are an authorized Tover distributor, below are some of the top Tover products we provide to our retail and wholesale partners.


Tover Natural Wood Oils are a high-strength coating with excellent resistance to chemicals and traffic. They are easy to apply and leave no brushstrokes because of their extended drying period.

Not only are they water-resistant, but they also do not peel, and they provide your wood with a classic open-pore appearance. They are also designed to protect your wood from UV radiation and other environmental factors, which reduces the floor’s deterioration.

Tover Natural Wood Oils combine natural oils and waxes for quick and simple periodic maintenance of oiled surfaces, inside and out. Tover products are suitable and excellent for frequent wood floor cleaning.

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Care & Maintenance

Tover products are formulated with neutral resins to provide waterproof, anti-spot, and anti-dirt qualities to oil-treated furniture and floors. The natural soaps are produced with natural ingredients, free of allergens and dyes, and leave no dangerous residues on the floor.

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Where Can You Buy Tover Products In North America?

SSG Brands is one of the Tover distributors in North America. We have consistently provided solutions to all flooring challenges and our reputation precedes us.

Our retail and wholesale partners come from a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to woodworking, building & construction supplies, carpentry supplies, landscape supplies, flooring supplies, hobby, industrial supplies, and more.

In need of the best wooden care and maintenance products? Shop online or contact us to discover a dealer in your area. You can also search for an authorized Tover dealer on Google, Bing, etc…