Woodworking Supplies in Canada

Woodworking is the process of shaping a piece of wood to make decorative objects such as tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, wooden toys, storage boxes, cutting boards, bowls, chess boards, etc., using tools and techniques such as carving, joining, gluing, woodturning and cutting.

At SSG Brands, we carry a wide range of woodworking supplies to help make your project as seamless as possible.

Akfix Woodworking Adhesive & Glue We Carry at SSG Brands

To convert wood into various objects, you need to get woodworking supplies as a woodworker or a DIYer. These supplies include specialty adhesives, wood glue, oil finish, and more.

At SSG Brands, we provide industrial and commercial products from Akfix to help you with your woodworking needs. These products have different properties and application areas and come in different volumes.  The majority of Akfix products pose no threat to you or the ecosystem.

Below is a breakdown of some Akfix products and how it works, so that you can choose the right product for your woodworking projects:

Polyurethane Glue, PVA Glue

If you are looking for the best glue that bonds well with different substances, then Akfix white glue is your best bet. Akfix white glue is water-based and based on polyvinyl acetate homopolymer emulsion. It is easy to apply and dries without leaving marks on the surface. You can use it as a wood repair kit for wood bonding, chopping boards, chipboards, etc.

Epoxy Products

Akfix epoxies come in two-component syringes. They are all multipurpose and water-resistant.  These epoxies are perfect for bonding wood, and filling voids and can also be used to repair multiple products, including furniture. With three different options, you can choose the best option for you! At SSG Brands, you can find E300 Waterproof Epoxy (20 Minute), E340 Quick Setting Epoxy(5 Minute), and E350 Quick Setting Epoxy (5 Minute – Pre-tinted Black).

Super Glue, Cyanoacrylates (Rapid Adhesives)

Superglue is known for its versatility. It can be used in conjunction with wood, metal, plastic, glass, and rubber or as a finishing touch to your wood projects. Akfix superglue is handy during woodworking projects.  Look into Akfix 705 Universal Fast Adhesive for your woodworking projects, including filling small voids in wood, epoxy, etc.. and it is especially popular with carpenters for trim work. You can get Akfix 702 and 705 at SSG Brands.

Polyurethane-Based Adhesives

Akfix adhesives are used in gluing wood to wood, or other various substrates. What distinguishes it from other adhesives and why you need to have it in your woodworking kit is that it is great for any woodworking project, indoor and outdoor!  The PA360 and PA370 are exceptional in Marine Woodworking projects as well. Like other woodworking supplies at Akfix, it is easy to apply and has a very strong bond. If you need to join a surface that needs a highly water-proof adhesive, get an Akfix polyurethane-based adhesive.

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