5 Amazing Jesmonite Works of Art

by Mar 15, 2023Jesmonite

Jesmonite, an eco-friendly resin, was established in 1984 and has become very popular among artists and architects. It is a composite material made from gypsum and water-based acrylic resin. It is versatile and durable and can mimic the appearance of natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal. Jesmonite is also low in VOCs and has a low environmental impact, which explains why it is a popular choice for environmentally conscious artists and designers.

Did you know that Jesmonite was used to make some of the amazing works of art you see today? In this post, we will talk about 5 popular works of art made using Jesmonite

NIM Coffee Table by PINCH

The stunning Nim coffee table by Pinch is made from Jesmonite. The sides of the table look solid and gradually taper but are actually constructed from a hollow cast piece of Jesmonite. The base of the table is partially hidden and makes the table seem like it is hovering above the floor.

Mica, which is ground-up marble, was also added to the Jesmonite to make it look like natural stone. The Nim table was displayed at the Rochelle School in Shoreditch as part of the London Design Festival 2015, along with other pieces of Pinch furniture.

Penthouse Balcony, Chelsea

Another amazing creation made with Jesmonite is a bespoke penthouse balcony in Chelsea. 3D drawing files were used to create positive models for each unique section of the balcony, which were then used to create negative casting molds.

Jesmonite AC730 was cast into each mold with quadaxial glass fibres for reinforcement and customized colour matching. Acid etch was applied for texture. The walkway tiles are made with Jesmonite AC730 and bronze Flex Metal Gel Coat, featuring a unique coral reef pattern that can be polished, waxed, or sealed.

Fons Americanus at the Tate Modern

Fons Americanus was a sculpture made in 2019 by Kara Elizabeth Walker, an American contemporary artist. The sculpture was housed in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall from late 2019 to early 2020 before being destroyed.

Walker was inspired by the Victoria Memorial and created a 13-metre-tall functional fountain using cork, metal, and wood coated in Jesmonite. The fountain depicts the Atlantic slave trade and the history of slavery in British colonies.

Westfield Whitford City, Perth

HGN designs made the Westfield Whitford City redevelopment which features 450 square metres of Jesmonite AC830 exterior cladding panels, customized to mimic a sand-like textured surface finish.

The Jesmonite AC830 colour is fire resistant and also mimics a sand-like texture due to the project’s proximity to the Indian Ocean.

Soft Baroque’s Puffy Brick Counter

Soft Baroque’s Puffy Brick Counter, commissioned by Swedish furniture brand Hem, is a unique work of art made from Jesmonite-injected balloons. The founders, Nicholas Gardner and Saša Štucin used an innovative molding technique with transparent borders and a liquid Jesmonite mixture to create amorphous blocks, which were then assembled into the counter structure and painted hot pink.

Inspired by the softening effect of waves on stone in Naples, Soft Baroque’s creation expresses a bubblegum look with a sturdy silhouette, perfectly capturing the essence of their work. After the first piece, they made another, painted yellow, for their headquarters in Stockholm.

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